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i have thinking about my goal-setting and time management (lack of really) and how i would like to change it or make more realistic goals. in the last few years i have been setting goals like nobodies business and to be honest i had never really set any actual goals before that while in school. i knew i wanted to do certain things some day (graduate, get a job, move out, not need my parents money, be a designer, learn everything .... ) not now of course just some day. i know that some goals have been met but most haven't. i think the main issues have to do with time management and just lack of motivation(feelings), i want to change things up and be able to get things done and not just wish and hope. trying something new and easy that makes sense.

i want to revisit my new years goals for the 2012

1. read 42 books 
i am up to 30 books, better then 2011(25) but still not close to 42, i know i just have to make time for reading during my day and have a space for reading, currently i read while on public transportion which i dont take often enough to make a dent and i am certain i wont be able to reach my goal by the end of dec. this is a goal i want to have every year. i do enjoy reading, and always want to read.

2. do p90x (in the photo i wrote insanity but i have since changed my mind)

this past year while i was away was my first time ever trying to exercise outside of school and being forced by school, and i havent really tried since i have been home. i do want to exercise regularly and get into running this is something that is definitely staying on my goals list.
3. apply to at least 30 jobs before i return home, starting in may

i did apply to a few jobs but not many. since i have been home i have applied to almost forty jobs ( wasnt always keeping track but i am now) and i do have my part time job now. i think i can kinda say i kinda did this one.

4. update resume & ask for recommendation letters

i have updated my resume (it did get my a job & internship!)  but never got those letters. the letters aren't as important as i thought, references are and i am still looking... i have a few but would like to change it up, done!

5. have a 'rough' and almost finish redo of my portfolio (aim for 15 pieces but plan to reduce)

nope nope nope, this is my BLOCK.... read more definitely needs to be done, i did come up with 6 pieces for my internship interview so that is a somewhat rough something

6. complete my ukulele book (teach yourself book)

nope :( need to do this also i want to learn music and be able to play and sing when i am bored, i feel like i need my own space for this one though and i need to bug my boy about it

7. grow my hair and be a red head(with henna!)

i have grown my hair but stopped using henna (messy), and i am somewhat reddish-brownish head ... photos to follow

8. listen to 2 new albums a month

havent really done, but did listen to many new months probably more then 20, will try to come up with a list

9. bike, bike, bike here in doullens ( i still have to ask about this)
never got to bike in doullens :(, want to bike still planning to keep this goal especially since i now do have a bike to borrow

10. travel, travel, travel during my breaks & plan & research
went to amsterdam, spain, & paris while abroad :) 

11. do dan's band website (learn how to)
nope, have to do this still!

12. floss everyday
yes, yes i floss most days. totally done!

13. for this blog, i want to have 100 posts on here & maybe do something on youtube… maybe and start working on the learning to love you assignments
blog up to 64 posts not bad, haha and yes need to get on the assignments (the reason i started this blog and i supposed i have forgotten)

14. internet free once a week (maybe sundays or mondays) I won't count skype or email just because of the fact that I am away but this is something I will like to keep up with after 2012
still need to get on this have made some vague attempts its hard when you get everything from the computer .... everything (work, killing time, socialize, etc) 

I wanted to visit this topic before the year ended and I am glad I was able to write about this and my very tiny attempts on each of these goals and its pretty evident more then half are in store for 2013. Most of my fall goals are based on this central list, and are things i do want to keep up for the next year, i am already plotting my list for the next year and my small monthly goals. i hope to be able to cross off my entire list next year!

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