I have started keeping track of my expenses using, and it has been quite enlightening.  I have noticed where I have been spending like crazy aside from food and transportation (totally necessary)... makeup/beauty items. I am in a situation where I should not be spending money like this, I don't have a budget to spend money aimlessly or to shop for things I don't need.

I always hate to talk about beauty and fashion, I dont know why but I feel like its embarrassing as a woman. I feel like its shallow and petty but I do like it and enjoy it. I care about what I wear and what I look like most of the time.

When I started watching youtube beauty videos (around 2009/2010) my amount of makeup dramatically increased, and as I usually only buy drugstore brands it doesnt feel like I am spending much. I do see a new nail polish or eye shadow as a nice treat as I can't afford much these days. The drugstores also have lots of deals and coupons that lure me in, and I have realized that the makeup I do have will take me ages to finish. Part of me feels that I switched from fashion to makeup.

I decided to do what I've seen beauty youtubers do, a no buy and I want to not buy or watch youtube (beauty videos) starting now this month of Nov. I have been trying to lessen my habit of youtube and I think just not watching those videos will remove my desire to buy makeup. I am not sure when my no buy will end but I will replace items that I finished and need to be replaced as it comes up (definitely not nail polish, eye shadow or lipsticks).

here it goes, i dont need or want makeup and heres to more money in the bank account...

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