12 in 2012

i wanted to look back on 2012, super late but oh well!

1. traveled alone to Amsterdam & Madrid
2. celebrated 5 years with my partner :)
3. tried to teach conservational English to bored French high school students
4. came home after living in france // moved in family home
5. long-distance relationship :\
6. i started flossing (most of the time) 
7. read 31 books
8. got my first (2nd ish) post-college part-time job
9. drove on the freeway (a few times), i hate to drive but something i still have to completely conquer 
10. grew my hair for the entire year
11. made three youtube videos and then stopped ... hahaha
12. got my first graphic design internship !!! & its still going :D



i am celebrating a belated thanksgiving with my extended family that i havent seen in ages! i dont normally participate in black friday and dont plan on it this year. things never make you happy, lets not shop :)