searching and 1st callback

2012-06-02 22.06.24.jpg
the living room in the la apt

I have been looking for a job (seriously started mid-june) and realizing just as in my last job search that work experience is what I am seriously lacking. I am not sure what career I want just yet, I am down to learn and gain any kind of experience. I've wanted to be a teacher, graphic designer, photographer, and just something creative. I've worked as a teaching assistant and tutor so I have experience in the educational field. I am looking for work related to schools (teachers aide, afterschool, tutor, & nanny) or for just any work. I have been using,, and to look for work and I have also informed anyone around me that I'm looking for work. I have my mom looking with relatives and giving me numbers to call. At this point I've applied to about 20 positions and I accepted a position. I was offered another temp job but I felt, that this position was better.

I will start working a week from today. Its a part time position but I am pleased that I will be moving back home and at least have a job for the moment and be able to live a little. I would love to eventually have a 2nd job and will be trying for one. I have to wear a uniform for the first time since I was in elementary school myself, which I totally hate and wish I didn't have to at all. I am feeling that its almost an investment to start this job because of all the costs involved in acquiring the job (uniform, fingerprints, cpr class, & transcripts)... and I hope its a means for my future as well.

(note: i started this post mid july and finished it today)