Los Angeles to North Hollywood in 1:50 from Gene Lythgow on Vimeo.
If feels like this video was made for me because its all the home I've know. Makes me miss LA so much.


4 years today



            I am very lucky and I can't wait to be together again (in the same country).


holiday thoughts

The children are on holiday for the next two weeks and it is very odd to see the school empty on Monday. I believe it is the mid-term break, I wish we had these growing up! It feels like the weekend has not ended yet since there is no noise coming from the school. I am planning or am supposed to be staying with a student that said they would host me. She is supposed to pick me up but I haven't heard anything from her, yet! I feel like I've been waiting all day but I did get up early to get all packed up since I didn't finish last night. I feel like taking a nap but I know I can't.

I would also like to visit Paris during this holiday, but we will see I don't have too much to spend and I don't know if I will be able to afford the city. But I was invited to the seaside and I hope to go. I have been seriously considering couch surfing, but I am bit worried about how safe it is but it seems like a wonderful idea. I really like that someone hosts you and I feel like its an interesting way to visit a place. It would be so helpful because I lack any French language abilities.

I have many ideas of what to blog about but I am a bit lazy to get the pictures ready and it feels like every post requires a picture of sort (not this one). I also have wondered what are blogs supposed to be… it seems as if every blog I read is just about one subject and not really personal. I've been thinking that since this is my blog after all I will just post what I feel like and not be so worried. I also don't know if what I find interesting will be interesting to others. I want to start posting outfits or about my style but I've always felt that I am a bit plain and don't have much of a style. I think that posting pictures might help me form more of a style and encourage me to dress up. I only have what I've packed while I am here but it will be interesting,  I also want to see if I will use everything I packed. Just the thoughts on my mind for now.


#51: Describe what to do with your body when you die.

This is a hard one, for a long time I just wanted to be cremated like they do in India, like my forefathers. After I watched Six Feet Under, I really wanted to be buried like Lily was and Nate talked about. I want to be buried in a public park or forest just as my body was and be put in the ground. I don't really want to be poked or made to look like I'm still alive before though I'm not sure if maybe the people that are around might want to have one last look. But ideally I would want to be in the earth as I was when I pass.


first day alone

Today was the first day I was alone with the students and it was hard. I really do want to help them but I realized that they just are killing time until they turn 18. Its funny because I didn't think I would want to blog so soon but I am starting to feel homesick and regretful. But I knew that this was part of it, I just wish I didn't make a fool of myself and make people feel sorry for me, I can do that all on my own. All the feelings and reasons why is all I can think about, I feel like I have to learn to be alone something that suddenly feels so new and different.


 I am going to watch this a couple of times, and try to have this in mind.



I really wanted to write this before, I left.


taken at the airport right before, i left by dan. my red hair still feels odd. and i miss my nose piercing which fell off you can see the scar healing in this picture and my mother in the background. and these are my 'normal glasses' which i decided to wear in France instead of my vintage ones so i won't seem so odd.

This whole maybe happened and is no longer a maybe. I've been here just over a week I got here on 9/30. I really want to blog about being here in France, I don't think I should really mention too many specifics just in case because I am working at a school here, in a village really. I want to blog more and to document life more. I want to stop being so shy about taking pictures. I want so much!

I won't be able to travel around Europe much as my french and funds are limited but I aim to try and make the best of this experience and not just be a lazy american. I've been trying to learn French as not many people here speak English.

I do feel as in I am in a limbo or sorts, not sure who or what I am. I don't expect to find myself just live.

the first picture i took in france! of a kitty of course.

the view out my room at the school

This whole blogging thing is still a new thing to me, I will improve.