portfolio = bane of my existence

I studied graphic design & photography (Art major) &&&& ... at California State University Northridge.

I have been hardly trying to work on my portfolio since I graduated as it was not required.

I have been not trying to work on my portfolio. Ever since I've know about it, it has been something I have PUT OFF, IGNORED, etc. The task just is so overwhelming and daunting it seems impossible.

The main reason I haven't been able to look at design jobs is because I have no put-together portfolio. I was supposed to start on it in Jan 2011, I have been putting it off during my stay in France, and the last few months since I've been home. Why? At this point I don't care to say and it just has to change and be different. I want to blog about the experience here, I want to hold myself accountable. I can change. I want to work in design, I want to be creative. MY current job has been soul-crushing, to say the least...

I want to aim for 3 completed pieces per month. The pieces will be mainly school related, and print based. I might add stuff based on what I feel is missing from my book. I am excited to show progress and work on here and add more design-related content to the blog. I don't think its in the best taste show work in progress, but its what I will do.

I only have myself to blame for not designing now and I feel like my skills are disappearing to say the least.

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