My mom for the last two years has made us (my brother, my sister, & this time her boyfriend and my boyfriend) make resolutions but I think we all see them more as goals. To be honest these last two years I have really wanted to be a more goal oriented person, to get things done. To be able to say I've done all of this!!! But last year really felt and seemed like a wasted year. I wasn't able to get much of anything done really. I felt trapped or stuck, distracted and useless. I really want to turn things around in this sense and accomplish realistic goals but just be able to be independent from my parents and be able to support myself (and my man). I did finish my university degree and that was supposed to mean something. Or at least I was told that. But I am rambling, so here are my goals for this year.

1. read 42 books
2. do p90x (in the photo i wrote insanity but i have since changed my mind)
3. apply to at least 30 jobs before i return home, starting in may
4. update resume & ask for recommendation letters
5. have a 'rough' and almost finish redo of my portfolio (aim for 15 pieces but plan to reduce)
6. complete my ukulele book (teach yourself book)
7. grow my hair and be a red head(with henna!)
8. listen to 2 new albums a month
9. bike, bike, bike here in doullens ( i still have to ask about this)
10. travel, travel, travel during my breaks & plan & research
11. do dan's band website (learn how to)
12. floss everyday
13. for this blog, i want to have 100 posts on here & maybe do something on youtube… maybe and start working on the learning to love you assignments
14. internet free once a week (maybe sundays or mondays) I won't count skype or email just because of the fact that I am away and aboard but this is something I will like to keep up with after 2012

my list that i shared with my family
dans (my boyfriend) list
my little sisters (she's 13, now!)

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