I really wanted to write this before, I left.


taken at the airport right before, i left by dan. my red hair still feels odd. and i miss my nose piercing which fell off you can see the scar healing in this picture and my mother in the background. and these are my 'normal glasses' which i decided to wear in France instead of my vintage ones so i won't seem so odd.

This whole maybe happened and is no longer a maybe. I've been here just over a week I got here on 9/30. I really want to blog about being here in France, I don't think I should really mention too many specifics just in case because I am working at a school here, in a village really. I want to blog more and to document life more. I want to stop being so shy about taking pictures. I want so much!

I won't be able to travel around Europe much as my french and funds are limited but I aim to try and make the best of this experience and not just be a lazy american. I've been trying to learn French as not many people here speak English.

I do feel as in I am in a limbo or sorts, not sure who or what I am. I don't expect to find myself just live.

the first picture i took in france! of a kitty of course.

the view out my room at the school

This whole blogging thing is still a new thing to me, I will improve.

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