holiday thoughts

The children are on holiday for the next two weeks and it is very odd to see the school empty on Monday. I believe it is the mid-term break, I wish we had these growing up! It feels like the weekend has not ended yet since there is no noise coming from the school. I am planning or am supposed to be staying with a student that said they would host me. She is supposed to pick me up but I haven't heard anything from her, yet! I feel like I've been waiting all day but I did get up early to get all packed up since I didn't finish last night. I feel like taking a nap but I know I can't.

I would also like to visit Paris during this holiday, but we will see I don't have too much to spend and I don't know if I will be able to afford the city. But I was invited to the seaside and I hope to go. I have been seriously considering couch surfing, but I am bit worried about how safe it is but it seems like a wonderful idea. I really like that someone hosts you and I feel like its an interesting way to visit a place. It would be so helpful because I lack any French language abilities.

I have many ideas of what to blog about but I am a bit lazy to get the pictures ready and it feels like every post requires a picture of sort (not this one). I also have wondered what are blogs supposed to be… it seems as if every blog I read is just about one subject and not really personal. I've been thinking that since this is my blog after all I will just post what I feel like and not be so worried. I also don't know if what I find interesting will be interesting to others. I want to start posting outfits or about my style but I've always felt that I am a bit plain and don't have much of a style. I think that posting pictures might help me form more of a style and encourage me to dress up. I only have what I've packed while I am here but it will be interesting,  I also want to see if I will use everything I packed. Just the thoughts on my mind for now.

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