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my ipod touch's audio jack is on the fritz and it will need to be replaced soon ... thinking should i get the new ipod touch, or the ipod nano?

my ipod touch is actually the first generation and belonged to my brother who gave it to me when my ipod (classic)'s audio jack failed just as its doing now. i am a big believer in using what you have until you need to replace it.

i like the ipod touch because its like a mini ipad you can use apps, get a camera... could use it to read books but its a bit small, i dont want an iphone i dont have a smart phone and it doesnt bother me. i dont want to add any bills i dont need. at the same time i would have to carry around my mobile phone & ipod nano & camera for when i need it and maybe someday an ereader/tablet.... i think i wont always carry that stuff only when i need it but it seems like a lot.

i have wanted an ipad or actually an ereader like tablet device like the nook or the kindle fire for a while now as i have been getting into reading and just notice how little space books & comics take up on a computer compared to a bookshelf (i blame moving and how heavy books can actually get, and then again i get most of my books at thrift stores). there is also rumors of the ipad mini.

debating about this in my head & with my brother but quite honestly i am seriously missing my music during my walk to work and my podcasts for falling asleep too.

any ideas internet?

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