I'm not sure + feelings


I don't know if anyone reads this or what kind of blog I want this to be. I thought I knew but I feel like I am struggling and I don't want this to be a personal blog. I don't feel like talking about feelings, struggles, the things I am trying my best to forget and not think about. I missed out on livejournal for the stake of being a lurker for thinking that my life wasn't anything worth writing about or talking about. I am still not sure if my life would be interesting to anyone else but me, but here goes nothing. I miss school a lot I wish I could be some sort of perfessional student or teach or something. Or not. I am just so unsure about everything and anything. I can vivdly remember 15 year old me thinking and just knowing that I would have it all figured out by now. That I would have everything I've always wanted, and yes I have some of those things but I am still not sure about any decision I've made. I feel like growing up I heard that life is hard and gets hard but it really doesn't seem that way for some reason. Everyone around me it seems to have everything figured out, and is just following a plan they made sometime ago. I hate that I have all these regrets lingering that I don't want to have. I'm not pefect, and I don't claim to be. I am no role model.

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