A (music collection) + A mix

I've been having this feeling for a while now that I used to listen to music a lot more then I have been. It makes me sad to realize that but my life has changed, I no longer ride the bus for hours with my headphones on.

I thought about it and realized that I have to make time for music and maybe also clean up my collection of music. Since I have gotten my new laptop my music collection has some BIG gaping wholes in it. I have tons of music I've never listened to because I thought I might like it or read about somewhere. I decided to torture myself(!) and listen to everything in my iTunes by alphabetical order (by Albums), I finally finished the A,B, & C. So I planning on making a playlist for every letter maybe depends on how many albums I have and so on, my collection is still a work in progress will always be.

'A' mix from ephemera on 8tracks.

This playlist features 10 songs from 10 albums that start with the letter 'A' that I really really like. This is my first time using 8tracks so I hope it works out okay and my first time trying to make a mix in years. The mix includes Wolf Parades, Buffalo Springfield, and Avi Buffalo.

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