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Time is running out, and I feel like not much has been done. I feel like I don't know enough English. I don't have enough patience. I am just waiting for my class to be over. I have a headache I don't know why or how to explain but I feel free and worried and stressed. I want everything to be perfect but life isn't perfect, is it? I feel like the past few weeks I've just started to get bored and so tired of not understanding French.

 I feel like I can't understand how anyone is because I don't understand their language their thought process. I feel like I know what its like to speak a second language and I never feel that I can fully express myself when I speak it. Its different to have a roommate here sometimes I am grateful other times I feel so annoyed. I am annoyed about the paper-thin walls and how you can't have any privacy with that. I want to learn how to play the ukulele that was gifted to me but I wonder if it will be a bother to her. To hear me learn how to play.

This weekend I will visit the Paris Flea Market, I've been careful with my euros to be able to buy some vintage goodies and some christmas gifts. I am so happy to be able to give gifts this year finally.


Pictures taken in October. 1) outside my room the note is from last year and its gone now 2) the 3 flights of stairs to get to the flat 3) the school shot through a window 4) living room area 5) all packed up and ready to go from the time a student flaked on me during the holiday 6) all the rooms and a shadow self-portrait

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