things i will miss/will not miss about being about an English language assistant in France

1. the students, the people
2. being completely alone
3. just not understanding anything and trying to deal
4. the food
5. the booze
6. the beauty of this place
7. my own room that is actually very big
8. the view outside my windows
9. the rainy weather
10. going to work and finding out you dont have work
11. being told you are great at your job
12. not having to clean as much
13. or do your own laundry
14. working or hardly working
15. waking up when i feel like on the weekends
16. traveling
17. money in the bank or just getting paid once a month (euros)
18. France, the French
19. having to explain things about English which I am not sure about
20. the bad students / the good ones (because we are all good)
21. being busy doing nothing
23. naps
24. everything closing at 7pm / 15hr

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