I'm 24.

I'm 24.

I'm living in Somme, Picardy (France) until June of next year with 3 roommates (a teacher, a university student doing some job training, and a spanish language assistant) in a boarding school in the same building as the gym.

I was a double major (Humanities & Art) with a Spanish minor. Still haven't had a job that requires a degree.

I think too much about my problems.

I would love some tea. I used to drink a lot of dr. pepper, but I can't find it here.

I eat meat.

I don't give money to homeless people because I don't have any extra money but even if I did I'm not sure I would give them money.

I don't make much but its something, first job outta of school, first job in ages.

I try not to be jealous, its waste of time.

I love & miss my man.

I dislike crowds and social gatherings, because I hate small talk but I am working on it.

I haven't driven all year, I want to buy a bike, and I plan to learn how to drive stick.

I hardly ever talk on the phone, only when it needs to be done.

I wish I could magically learn French.

I feel guilty about everything.

I miss everything but I don't want to have regrets.

I need to work more, but I am useless.

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