It should really be a picture of the school. I am leaving in just a few hours and I can't believe it. I don't believe my time in France is over.  I am not sure about anything but I am both sad and happy. I am a mixture of regret and amazement. I overpacked and overstuffed my suitcases and I am feeling that I should be leaving even more stuff behind. I threw away things with reckless abandon that I didn't know was possible. I feel in my heart I will come back again, and soon I hope. Au revoir, France.


photobooth + gpoy


all in france but going home


things i will miss/will not miss about being about an English language assistant in France

1. the students, the people
2. being completely alone
3. just not understanding anything and trying to deal
4. the food
5. the booze
6. the beauty of this place
7. my own room that is actually very big
8. the view outside my windows
9. the rainy weather
10. going to work and finding out you dont have work
11. being told you are great at your job
12. not having to clean as much
13. or do your own laundry
14. working or hardly working
15. waking up when i feel like on the weekends
16. traveling
17. money in the bank or just getting paid once a month (euros)
18. France, the French
19. having to explain things about English which I am not sure about
20. the bad students / the good ones (because we are all good)
21. being busy doing nothing
23. naps
24. everything closing at 7pm / 15hr



Dream A Dream

When I dream the dream of paradise
I see a picture of you
And when I dream the dream of love and care
I see a picture of us two

And when I dream a dream of loneliness
I see a shadow on the wall
Looking back at me like
I’m nothing at all

But those dreams a quickly chased away
When I wake up to a sunny day
And I see your pretty face right by my side

When I dream a dream of smiling
The room is full of you
And if I dream a dream of candy land
The sweetest thing is you

And if the nightmare comes along
To say its fond goodbyes
The thought of you will stop it
before those dreams arise

Because with you sharing my bed at night
My dream will always come out right
And tomorrow will always be another day

If I dream a dream while I'm awake
That dream will be of you
If I dream a dream of wedding cakes
I’ll dream a dream of you

And when I dream a dream of a loving wife
That dream will be of you
And if I dream a dream of growing old
I'll be growing old with you

And if my dream were ever to come true
I know it will be because of you
And that’s the reason that I love you so.

Tim David Cook