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Blocked Sites at French boarding school or at least the ones I've tried so far.

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2. First Haul Ever

I don't know why but making 'girly' videos or talking about these sorts of topics was/is always embarrassing to me. I feel that I am a feminist (always learning) but yet I feel ashamed to be girly but yet I am. Here is my consumption while aboard. I've only included stuff not personal hygiene items or food products but stuff I've been spending my money on. Money that seems to burn in my pocket and after making this video and putting this stuff away (finally) I feel ashamed. I hope to really really try not to buy anything for a while! At least makeup products and clothes. I don't need it but I feel like I want it. I am supposed to be saving money for traveling and eating lots and lots of yummy French food, and hopefully other European foods.



Latest installment, has been a joy to rediscover so many forgotten favorites! Enjoy.


(internet) A - Z

1. Why?

something new... kinda want to delete it but I want to run with it at the same time.